WordPress Video Tutorials

Wordpress Video Tutorials

Easy WordPress Video Tutorials

“Get Instant Access To 25 Step-By-Step Video Tutorials

On How To Manage your WordPress Website”

Simply Watch And Follow The Videos To Get Your Website Up And Running In No Time!

Have you ever wanted to start your own WordPress website or blog but didn’t know how to?

If you had your own website where you can post your latest news, promotions, videos, photos, start surveys and more, how much would that mean to you?

With Worpdress, blogging is also a great way to make money online.

You simply write a post about your topic, readers will start reading and commenting.  With more interaction, you’ll start to attract more and more readers in turn, you’ll be able to make money from ads that you put up on your website or blog.

Running a WordPress Website is Easy

If you have a website for your business that has been developed in WordPress, you will find these video tutorials very helpful in managing and updating your site..  If you want to setup and run a WordPress blog to make money online, it is just a matter of finding a topic you are passionate about and writing posts onto your blog.

What can you write a post about?   Easy:

  •     A list of top links or resources that you recommend
  •     How to’s and tutorials
  •     Promotions
  •     Reviews of products and/or services
  •     News
  •     Case studies
  •     Frequently Asked Questions
  •     You can even use your blog to survey your readers and gain insightful feedback
  •     Photos/images
  •     Videos
  •     Interviews
  •     and so much more! You can pretty much rant about anything since it’s YOUR website!

But What is WordPress And How Does it Work?

To help you with Worpdress, we have put together a complete pack of WordPress blog video tutorials which you can follow step-by-step to get it up in no time!

Introducing: Easy WordPress Video Turorials

Easy WordPress Video TurorialsStep-By-Step WordPress Video Tutorial To Start and Run Your Very Own Blog!

What WordPress Videos are in the This Package?

  • How to get webhosting so you can store your web pages and images online
  • How to register a domain name. Every blogger needs their own .com!
  • How to setup nameservers to point to your domain name to your webhost
  • How to install WordPress. Installing only takes 3 minutes!
  • How to access your WordPress blog as an administrator
  • How to customize your WordPress dashboard
  • How to configure Permalinks to make your blog more search engine friendly
  • How to update WordPress to the latest version
  • How to configure Akismet to prevent comment spam
  • How to create a new blog post
  • How to create new pages
  • How to create and manage categories
  • How to add and edit links
  • How to add and edit users
  • How to format a blog post
  • How to add images to your blog post or page
  • How to change your WordPress theme to give it a new look
  • How to install plug-ins
  • How to use widgets
  • How to add a ‘Contact’ form
  • How to backup your blog
  • How to create & use custom menus
  • How to track your blog and gain insightful analytics
  • What to blog about?
  • How to install and configure All In One SEO Pack

Does that sound amazing or what?

You can start downloading this entire package within minutes from now!

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The choice is obvious.

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Why is it so cheap? Well, because there are no overheads on our part to produce this guide. There’s no printing or shipping costs. I know that you want to get this information quickly, so this product is downloadable to your computer and you can view it anytime you wish.

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